• Jasper Meyer

    Jasper Meyer

  • David Silva Smith

    David Silva Smith

    I want to help you and your friends build your startups. Bitcoin ❤ + father + angel investor #Startup #Tips at https://dsdoes.com

  • Alexey Shabarshin

    Alexey Shabarshin

    General Partner@pre-seed VC fund, co-founder@eva.academy, PhD@Lomonosov MSU with the topic "Autonomous startup scoring model and investment DM system. AI, ML”

  • Geddy Schellevis

    Geddy Schellevis

  • Florian Minderop

    Florian Minderop

  • Kobi Morad

    Kobi Morad

  • Nathan Slaughter

    Nathan Slaughter

    Web developer. Datacenter automator. Simplifying your development and deployment with executable tutorials.

  • Yannick Visbeek

    Yannick Visbeek

    Software developer at MisterGreen

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